Sunday, June 28, 2009

End of the Season

K enjoyed playing in her instructional baseball league this year! Saturday was her final day of the season, and she's sad about that!

Her team played all their Mom's the final game of their season. Then, we headed over to a local park for a special trophy presentation and baseball cupcakes! K was the only girl on her team and she did an outstanding job! She's a good hitter, runner, and she listens to instructions well! One of her coaches told me before we left, "K is an exceptional athlete. I hope you will continue to allow her to be involved in sports!"


Lori said...

I love your header and really like how you make the photos in your posts into collages. Are you using Piknik or something like that to do it or is it a program you own?

nikkit3 said...

Lori, I use Picasa (free google program). I really like it!

Halfmom said...

Hi Nikki, Olivia's mom here. I followed a link over from a comment Jess made - just wanted to say hi and what a wonderful blog. This recent post brought back wonderful Olivia "T-ball" memories as well! Grace and peace.