Monday, June 22, 2009

More Monday Fun

The past few weeks, the children and I have made Monday our special fun day! We are a one vehicle family. So, this means taking Dad to his office at church, dropping him off, and then we spend the day running errands and doing fun stuff! When we're done, we go pick up Dad and take him back home with us:)

Today, the children and I went to get some supplies I need for my upcoming mission trip to Peru! Then, we took a picnic lunch to a park and we played there for a while before going to the library. After the library, we went to visit a special lady from our church, Mrs. Brenda!

We had so much fun! As you can see from the picture, the day wore L out!


Shelly said...

I love it!

Celebrate Every Day said...

That's so funny- your busy day is Monday and that's the day we do as little as possible. Looks like everyone had a great time!