Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This year for Father's Day, the children did something special for their Dad. They learned a song called "Dear Jesus" and sang it for him. After the song each of the children thanked their Dad for something he has taught them about the Lord. Then, we all gathered around Dad, prayed for him and gave thanks for him! It was really sweet.

Then, we went to church for worship!

When we came home we got a surprise phone call from some friends inviting us to go have lunch with them!

When we returned home from our lunch outing, the children gave their Daddy clues where he could find hidden things around the house. Each child made a homemade card for him, and we got him a couple things to help make grilling a little easier for him.

I have a Strawberry Blackberry Lazy Cobbler cooking in the oven for him (that's ALL he requested for Father's Day). I doubled the recipe because we're going to share it with our church's small group tonight!

I hope Dad feels special, loved, and appreciated today and EVERYDAY!!!!

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