Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When we moved from MO to PA, we were disappointed to learn there are not very many Sonics in our neck of the woods. But the Lord is so good to us! A new Sonic has opened up about six miles from our home!

Mrs. Jimmie Ruth, do you see the bear in L's lap? It pretty much goes with her everywhere:)


Jessica said...

ha ha ha! love it! yay! After last summer I have such great memories of Sonic with you guys!

TeriLynneU said...

LOVE Sonic! And would be so sad to live anywhere without one. So glad you have one nearby again. Amazing the things we miss when we move away from "home" ... I just have to have that Sonic ice!!! (and the cherry vanilla limeades LOL)

BTW, thank you for posting on Casiday's blog. She is not "into" school right now and ended the year a little frustrated. I'm hoping by writing for her blog and seeing encouragement from others, her attitude will be changed before school starts this fall.