Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday L!

Yesterday was sweet little L's 4th birthday! She is a HUGE source of JOY in our family! She is sensitive to the emotions of others, but she is also bossy and demanding at times. She is funny, creative, and imaginative! She is truly a blessing and a precious gift!


Jessica said...

bossy and demanding?! no ...I am having visions of her laying on all the toys at moms house...lol..oh how I love her..she is such a mini me

Anonymous said...

I just want to grab her and sqeeze. She is so full of life. you can see it in her eyes. She has to be bossy and demanding being the third child. It's a defense mechanism. My sister (whose a third child) and I were texting about this very thing yesterday. Her grandson (a third child) at three has his front tooth knocked out. He's had more cuts & bruises than most kids have had by the age of 10. I love my babies, they are not babies any more though. Give them hugs and kisses for me. Tell Lauren, I got my niece whose 18 months old hooked on gummies this week. I'm her new best friend.