Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nikki's Notes

Spring is here! We are enjoying more sunshine and outdoor play! It's still too cold for shorts though, much to L's dismay. 

The children have enjoyed two sessions of a new homeschool co-op we're participating in, and will have four more before it wraps up for the summer.

Heath organized a Men's Gym Night at our local community center. They all had so much fun, they want to try and make it a regular get-together.  

I am thankful and praising God for providing all the needed funds for my mission trip to Peru this summer! Now, I just need to continue working on learning more Spanish!

Spring Plans

The Easter Choir that Heath is directing will perform on Good Friday!

We are looking forward to meeting some old friends in Gettysburg the first weekend in May! Heath and Matt were in the same youth group in high school, and were college roommates. Matt and his family live in PA not too far from us! It will be fun to see them again. I can't wait to hold their new baby!

We are planning a day trip to the Daniel Boone Homestead. It is a little over an hour from us. 

Summer Plans

We are trying to find K a t-ball team to play on. We're having difficulty finding one that does not play their games on Sundays. She was allowed to choose one activity to do this summer. Her options were dance, piano lessons, or t-ball.

Heath and T will be going to Camp Tuckahoe this summer!


Jessica said...

summer plans - visit California...just sayin'

nikkit3 said...

Maybe Cali NEXT summer?
I think if we start saving now, we'll have enough cash for 5 plane tickets.
I want to come NOW though:(