Friday, April 3, 2009


T's homeschool co-op science teacher had some buckets with lids she was giving away to anyone who wanted one. T immediately asked for one because he thought it would be GREAT to put worms in!

T has been wanting to catch some worms and make his own worm farm. We explained to T that there was more rain in the forecast, and when he woke up, he'd have a chance to get some worms!

Well, at 7:00 a.m. we heard a lot of commotion, and someone in the hall closet. It was T trying to find his gloves and rubber boots. He woke up earlier and saw the rain and the HUNDREDS of worms out in our driveway!  So he got his jar, headed out the door, and got to work!

He had to wait until around 3:00 p.m. before it stopped raining long enough to go outside and dig up some dirt to put in his bucket.

He worked hard all day, and has a good start on his worm farm. Tyler plans to, "fatten the worms up and sell them for bait."

So, anyone here in our neck of the woods need some fishing bait?

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Anonymous said...

Great job Tyler! I bet no one else used a bucket with as much enthusiam as you. Let me know how it goes with selling the worms - you are a entrepenaur in the making.

Miss Becky from co-op