Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miss Jimmie Ruth

Easter 2007 at WHBC
Jimmie Ruth is a special lady! When our family moved to AR, L was only 6 weeks old. L and Jimmie Ruth bonded immediately through many hours in the church nursery. As L got older, Miss Jimmie Ruth became the "gummy lady" because she always had packages of gummes in her purse! T and K had Miss Jimmie Ruth as a Cubbies teacher.

We moved away from AR in May of 2007. The above picture was our last Easter at WHBC. But, every Easter since then, Miss Jimmie Ruth has sent the children a special package in the mail. She also sends packages at Christmas and Valentine's Day! The children also get cards for their birthdays! 

We're thankful for Miss Jimmie Ruth! It's nice to have someone to love on your children. Even if they do live 1,035.74 miles away! 



Jessica said...

I was so glad to finally see that pic! You have talked about her for years! Nice to have a face in my head now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! That was so sweet. It wasn't as good as being there but awful close. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and find lots of Easter eggs. It was the love of GOD and his son Jesus that brought us together and he never does anything without a reason. I have pictures of T, K, and L. all over my office encluding this one. Everyone asks if they are my grand children and I tell them that they are probably the only grand children I'll ever have. Take care, Love you all Ms. Jimmie Ruth