Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do You Like Bubbles This Much?

Last week at AWANA, L got some bubbles from the AWANA store. She thought once she got home (almost 9pm) that she could blow them. I told her she could when she woke up in the morning. Well, it was FREEZING outside. So, she put on her winter coat, and had a great time blowing bubbles in the cold temperatures. I don't like blowing bubbles enough to go outside and freeze while doing it. She even let her brother and sister stomp on them. I'm not real sure why they didn't have coats on. What was their mother thinking?


Ashley said...

It's funny the things that kids do. I agree with you, I like bubbles but not enough to go out in the cold to play with them.

Thelma said...

great blog and from one pw to do bubbles anytime, anywhere......I've been known to use them to get a sick baby to do breathing treatments while dh stands blowing bubbles in his boxers and I held the baby down for the treatment......bubbles....they are magic. see you in the fishbowl and drop by my blog sometime.....we can swap "war stories" from the grand adventure called motherhood.....God bless you.