Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learning to Sew

Today, I was sewing some patches on T's cub scout uniform. K asked if I would teach her to sew. It really wasn't a good time because we had a friend visiting us. Later in the night, I was mending a nightgown of K's. So, of course, she asked again if I'd teach her to sew. So, I showed her how to make an easy whip stitch, and she did a wonderful job for her first-time. Now, I'm planning on doing a special project with her during our Christmas break. I already have some quilt blocks cut out that my grandmother gave me. So, I will let her choose the colors and we'll piece together a small block pattern quilt for her baby dolls. My great-grandmother did this with me, and I still remember it.


Ashley said...

Never too early to learn practical things such as sewing!

Jessica said...

oh this sounds like a good idea for the kids to do for Christmas gifts...doll blankets for their babies....uh huh..