Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Sillies from the Little One

Tonight L was sitting at the bar while I was cleaning up our dinner mess. She woke up from her nap saying she didn't feel well. I told her I was sad because she wasn't feeling well. She said, "There's nothing to be sad of; sometimes you just don't feel good."

She also told me tonight I'm the best cooker ever! That brought back memories. When Tyler was three, and we were living in seminary student housing he told me the same exact thing.

Kids are so funny! What joy they bring to our lives!

After I put L to bed tonight, I thought of more funny things to add. Each night as I'm leaving her room after she's all tucked in we have some silly things we say..."Night Night, Don't let the bed bugs bite, and good night sleepy head." If I forget to do this, she will get out of bed, come and find me and want me to come do this nightly ritual with her. She's a funny girl.

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Miss Ashley said...

Awww...what a cutie! I hope she feels better! She