Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Workers

Well, we've been here in our new home for 6 weeks now. This week, we've finally gotten back into our all our "normal" routines. I have a weekly chore checklist I try to abide by. Each day of the week has a main household chore assigned for the day. For instance, if you come to our house on Monday, you will enjoy clean bathrooms. On Tuesday, all the bedrooms are cleaned (you get the point). Anyway, the children were cheerful little workers this week. I pray it continues, but I'm sure we may all have our moments. I like doing this teamwork thing because it holds me accountable to get everything cleaned every week. It also helps me train the children to be hard workers. Not just hard workers, but to also work with a good attitude. Dad and I have decided to start giving the children an allowance. Every Friday, if they have worked diligently and had good attitudes, each child will receive....get ready for this...10 cents!!!!! They are so excited about this!!! Would you clean bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and kitchens for 10 cents/week???!!!! They're so cute:-) I'm going to love and enjoy this while it lasts!

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