Friday, December 12, 2008

Tibbetts' Go to the Tree Farm!

We were hoping to wake up to a ground covered in snow today, but the weatherman was wrong. We were disappointed, because we felt snow would make our experience more magical and memorable.  Mom and Dad had grand visions of a wonderful time at the tree farm. Instead the children stomped around in a lot of mud, almost got blown away by blustering winds, and no one could feel their noses or fingers when we returned to the van. Ahhhhh....memories.

It took longer to pick out a tree than we thought it would! Some were crooked, some had funny stuff growing on the trunk, and others had bare or brown spots.
This is by far the largest tree we've ever had! We kept reminding ourselves that the tree would look larger once we got it in our living room, but we still managed to get a HUGE tree! But, we're happy with it. It looks pretty and smells wonderful!

Can you tell the children put the ornaments on? The ornaments are pretty heavy on the bottom. Over time, we'll try and fix that. Mom didn't want to hurt their feelings and re-do it. If she does it slowly over time, they won't really notice.


Grandma Shelly said...

What neat pics! You're such a good photographer! That one of K up close with the ornament is sweet.

nikkit3 said...

Well, Heath was the one who took the great shot of K under the tree, not me:)