Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exciting Day!

The children received a package from our friend Ms. Jimmie Ruth! She told me the children should open them early because she sent some cute Christmas necklaces for the girls. The children didn't mind at all getting to open Christmas gifts 9 days early!

Thank you Ms. Jimmie Ruth! We love you and miss you! Please tell all of our West Helena friends "hello" for us!
One more exciting thing happened today. K lost her FIRST tooth! Kind of makes me sad, because it's one more reminder how fast my children are growing up.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I am enjoying keeping up... Your picture with the girls and the Christmas tree is awesome! Frame-worthy! I think you look beautiful!- Angie

Grandma Shelly said...

Oh no...K is growing up!

Ashley said...

Congrats to K! :)