Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Mini Vaca in Hershey, PA!

Heath's Mom and her husband blessed us with a 2 night stay in Hershey, PA. We had a good time. The suite was nice. We enjoyed watching cable television (don't have it at home), swimming in the pool, playing in the gameroom, visiting Hershey's Chocolate World, and eating out at Red Robin....yum. The suite was wonderful for families. We were able to eat most of our meals in our suite because of the full kitchen. We were also able to dry all our pool towels and swim suits because they have a washer and dryer in every room. Thanks Grandma and Mr. James! We had lots of fun!

Chocolate World

The Suites at Hershey


Grandma Shelly said...

So glad you enjoyed your stay. It does look like it was a neat place. Never saw a pool quite like that.

nikkit3 said...

It was neat. The pool was great. The one-foot section was perfect for L. Heath and I could play with the older two and not really worry about her:) She was just fine over there all by herself.