Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nikki's Notes

We have been busy around here. I (Nikki) went to Southern CA to visit my sister-in-law. Heath stayed at home with the children and worked from home. I returned home on Friday, May 22nd, and then Saturday, we took the kids to the Balitmore Zoo and had a lot of fun! The girls attended their first sleepover on Sunday night and had a blast! T, Dad, and I hung out and had a great time! It was fun having one-on-one time with T! So, on Memorial Day, we stayed at home and just chilled out!

K is playing in an instructional t-ball league this summer (pictures coming soon)!

T and Dad will be going to Scout camp in June. The girls and I are planning some fun activities to do together while they are gone. They want to invite a couple of their friends over for a sleepover!

In July Heath will be the worship speaker at the Philadelphia World Changers project. He'll be home for 5 days, and then I'll leave for Peru for 10 days! So, July will be gone in a blink of an eye!

In August our church will host Vacation Bible School. We are also planning on going to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park! We're excited about that! Seriously, all of our family vacations involve either baseball games or zoos! But, we enjoy it and have lots of fun!

So, how about you? What are your Summer plans?


Elizabeth said...

We're planning on going to PNC park to! Make sure you tell the Heffners so they can go with you, I'm sure you'd all have a blast! We're going in the end of August to see the Philly's play the Pirates. I'm sure I'll be decked out in all my Philly gear!

Jessica said...

well my BFF came to see me, so those were my most exciting summer plans ;) Still a lot more company this summer, then Vegas in July! Oh, and lots of trips to Newport Beach