Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Heath started taking the children to pick out gifts for me 4 years ago. It's always fun and hilarious to see what the children pick out. You can see the nice glasses K picked out for me. I got a set of 4! L gave me the lovely red, white, and blue necklaces you see around my neck. Tyler's gift was helping Dad cook a special Mother's Day dinner! Oh, and I almost forgot the HUGE bouquet of flowers the girls picked for me while we played outside yesterday afternoon! There's nothing like a bouquet of dead weeds...LOL! But, it was truly a labor of love. The girls worked hard so they would have a BIG bouquet to give me!

Truly, I do feel blessed, loved, and appreciated every day. But, I do enjoy a little special lovin' and attention on this day we call "Mother's Day!"


Jessica said...

love it! what is that yummy looking drink?!

Bro. Heath said...

You look smokin' hot in the picture baby.

Writer Dad said...

Happy Mother's Day! (belated)