Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yard Work

Last weekend (the 17th and 18th), I (Mom) had the opportunity to attend a special retreat for Pastor's wives. While I was away, Heath and the children enjoyed the beautiful weather, and worked out in the yard. T and Dad fixed some loose boards on our privacy fence. K got all the weeds out of the garden plot (We are going to start planting this weekend). Dad also layed out some new mulch around the deck, and he put up some really cool solar powered lights for our walkway along the front of our house. I enjoyed the time away. The kids enjoyed having some time alone with their Dad. It was wonderful coming home to such a nice looking yard!

heehee...I just noticed after this post published, that it looks like Dad is beating T with a baseball bat. Don't worry, he's not:)


Jessica said... your last comment. H installing solar lights? I am so proud of him!

nikkit3 said...

yes, and the solar lights look great! He only put 4/6 up. We decided that we need all 6. So, hopefully we can get that done soon:)