Monday, February 16, 2009

Nikki's Notes

When we moved from Missouri to Mississippi in 2004, we had a family website called Tibbetts Online. We updated photos of the children each month, and then I (Mom) would post "Nikki's Notes." I've decided to give this a try again. Looking over this new family blog, I've realized that we don't share a lot of details about our lives. Just fun pictures and highlights. Today, I'm going to share the first edition of a former "tradition."

Nikki's Notes

T is looking forward to warmer weather. He misses being able to go outside and catch critters (insects, frogs, toads, etc...). All winter he has been saving jars with lids so he will be prepared to make his catches when Spring arrives. T never keeps the critters for very long though. He always releases them back into their natural habitat, because he doesn't want them to die. Click here for an old post to read more about Tyler's love for insects and Ambibians.

K seems to be growing and changing very quickly! She has started losing teeth, and chose to use some of her Christmas money to get her ears pierced. She still enjoys music very much! She is becoming a very good reader and writer and is always writing new song lyrics, stories, or letters to friends and family. She is very creative!

L has been changing a lot lately. It's hard to believe she will be four-years-old on March 30th. She's not a baby or a toddler anymore. Definitely a preschooler. She enjoys doing preschool activities with Mom. When she doesn't know the answer her classic response is, "Okay, I be the teacher, and you tell me what it is." Maybe she will be a teacher one day! L loves anything and everything that sparkles. If she sees someone in a store that has sparkles on their shoes, purse, or shirt, she is not too shy to tell them how much she likes their sparkles. Click here to see an old post about K's earrings and L's love for sparkly things.


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