Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enjoying the Outdoors

Last Tuesday we got a decent amount of snow. Enough to cover the hill in the backyard to get some sledding done. But, on Wednesday we had freezing rain. That was not a pretty sight! The boys worked hard to clear off our walkway. 
T and K had fun "skating" across our icy yard.

Sunday, it was 50 degrees, so almost all the icy mess melted away. On Monday, the kids had fun getting on their rubber boots and stomping around in the mud!

Yes, that is the same dress L wore to church on Sunday. She also wore it to the Superbowl party, slept in it, and played in it all day Monday. I finally got her out of it Monday evening! That girl loves "pantyhose" and dresses. Oh, and sparkly shoes. :)

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