Monday, January 12, 2009

More about our visit to Grandma's House

The children enjoy riding Miss Kitty while we're at Grandma's house.

This is our cat Lolly. Grandma kind of adopted her when we moved to PA. Mom wasn't too thrilled about the idea of driving in a mini-van with three children, and a cat nearly 1, 000 miles. So, Grandma took Lolly home with her. The children couldn't believe how much Lolly had grown in 4 months!
Grandma has a really cute dog named Cody. He is great with the kids! The children keep reminding Mom and Dad that we promised them a dog once we moved to PA (since we had to get rid of our other pets). Maybe this spring...if our landlord gives us permission.


Sandra said...

Are they riding bare back? That's impressive! Don't think I've ever done that!

Grandma Shelly said...

love it love it!

nikkit3 said...

Bare back is about the only way I rode as a kid. Putting a saddle on was too much work...LOL!
Shelly, I made sure the pics in this post did not reveal your neighbors abode:)