Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

We loaded up the minivan and visited our families in Missouri for a few days. The drive from our home to Southwest Missouri is 17 hours. When Dad is behind the wheel you stop for two reasons: to get gas and to go to the bathroom. Seriously, he doesn't want to waste prime driving time for dilly dallying around restaurants and convenient stores! Our first day of driving we spent 11 hours in the car, and ate packed lunches and snacks in the car. Once we got to the hotel, the children enjoyed playing in the pool while Dad picked up a pizza for us. The second day of driving was only around 6 hours, and this day of driving seemed like nothing to the kids!

As I type this the children are actually still in Missouri. We will meet Grandma tomorrow at a certain location along I-70 to get them back. Grandma volunteered to watch them for a few days because Dad surprised me (Mom) with a day trip to New York City for our 10th wedding anniversary. Plus, Grandma had not had the children since July 2008. The children enjoy spending time with her because she has a fun yard to play in with trees and tree stumps to climb on, a dog, some cats (one cat that used to be ours), and some horses. On the return trip back home, since it was just Heath and I, we drove straight through.

Time with Mommy's Family

Time with Daddy's Family
Here's one picture from our NYC Trip

Our Thanksgiving trip is over, our trip to New York city is over, and we go pick up the kids tomorrow. So, it's "back to life, back to reality" come Sunday morning. When the children return home we will do the basics in school (reading, writing, and math) everyday. Along with our school work, we will start our Advent traditions, decorating, and baking!

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