Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating

Once all the snow melted and the tree was dry, we began to decorate.

The children each get a new ornament every year, and they also make homemade ones too. Each year I love to hear them pull them out and reminisce and ask us questions about when they got certain ones, or how old they were when they made the ornaments. One day when they are grown and have homes of their own, they will get to take all their ornaments with them.

Dad and I picked up a cute Christmas ornament while we were in New York City last week. I like it!

T, K, and L enjoy decorating the tree, and we were done in no time!


Anonymous said...

They really look like they are enjoying the task.

I sure hope they help you undecorate it also. That's the only negative part of the tree decorating.

Merry Christmas,
Jimmie Ruth

Halfmom said...

Merry Christmas, Nikki. My prayers for you are that you continue to grow and mature as a family in Christ - both individually and corporately, that your ministry to the body of Christ will expand and bring Him much glory and you much joy.

I love the story about the tree. I did the same for my kids when they were growing up but I don't know what happened to their ornaments. I made them ornaments over the years actually. Olivia's are in a box on a closet shelf waiting to be delivered to Virginia.

Grace and peace, sister.