Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Cool Park!

We went with some new friends today to a park. We packed a picnic lunch, and hiked down some scenic nature trails. We saw crawdads, dragon flies, turtles, water skaters, butterflies, algae, "beautiful bushes" (as L pointed out to us), and a creek. We would have stayed longer, but L tripped over a big tree root, and got a boo-boo on her hip. She's doing fine now, but it really hurt for a while:-(

On the way to this park, T told me that Pennsylvania is his favorite place we've ever lived. He said he hopes we get to live here forever. T said he likes PA, because everywhere you drive, it looks like we're in a forest.

Oh, one more thing. Dad got T signed up for cub scouts tonight! We are super excited about it! So, on Tuesday nights, T will be going to his pack meetings. His first pack meeting will be Tuesday, September 23rd. T said he's the most excited about "learning about nature and having scout meetings." Since T is a 1st grader, he's called a tiger cub.

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