Monday, August 30, 2010

5th Sunday Sing

Our family sang a song at our church's 5th Sunday Sing last night. K wanted to do "Cast Your Cares" from a CD from Seeds Family Worship. Have you heard about Seeds Family Worship? If not, click over and check them out! They make great CDs filled with Scripture-songs! We really like them! I pray our family will continue to praise and worship together! I really didn't know if the children would actually do this when there was a crowd watching them or not, but they did. This video is actually a portion of one of our practices.

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Michelle said...

Hi Tibbetts Family!
This is Michelle from Seeds...thanks so much for your mention! Email me at michelle (at) seedsfamilyworship (dot) com and I'll let you know all the latest and greatest from Seeds!
Keep planting!