Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Baby is Five Today

There is something about a child's 5th birthday that makes a Momma sad. Five means Kindergarten is coming soon. Five means learning to read and to tie your shoes. Five means more independence and less dependence. Five means they're growing up - and growing up too fast!

Five years ago, little L woke me up in the wee hours of the morning by popping my water (I know, she probably didn't literally pop my water). THIS was not our plan. We lived eight hours from our family, and we had the c-section scheduled, and arranged for Grandma to come and take care of T and K. So, in the wee hours of the morning in our new home in Mississippi, we called our Sunday school teachers and asked if we could bring T and K over because my water had just broke!

We made it to the hospital just fine, and L was born on Wednesday, March 30th around 8:00 a.m.

I can't help but think about West Helena Baptist Church, when I think about L's birth. Because three days before her birth, we met our new church family. They were calling Heath to come and be their Student Minister. When L was only a few hours old Bro. Dusty, the Pastor, and his wife, Mrs. Mollie knocked on my hospital door to visit us. Their visit truly blessed us because we knew we wouldn't be visited by any family that day since we lived 8 hours away, and L's 2-week early arrival was a bit of a surprise. I also think about Mrs. Jimmie Ruth and how much she loved (and still loves) our little L. Mrs. Jimmie Ruth watched L a lot in the nursery at WHBC, fed her lots of gummies, and still keeps in contact through mail, e-mail, and phone calls.

The day L was born, we became a family of FIVE. We had three children ages 3 and under. When I think about what life was like five years ago, it makes me tired. But it also makes me smile.

My little five-year-old, I love you! You are a sweet, kind, loving, and helpful little girl! Thanks for all the hugs, kisses, and smiles you give me everyday! I love being your Mommy!

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