Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Valentine's Day

The last time I posted on here was on Sunday, February 7th. Since then we received another foot of snow, celebrated Valentine's Day, and MORE snow is coming down RIGHT NOW!!!

Even though Heath was only in the office Monday and Tuesday last week, we still didn't see much of him. He was busy shoveling snow around our home, neighborhood, and helping out a few friends. So, by Valentine's Day, the children and I were in need of some time with him. Heath did a great job making the holiday special for us. On Saturday, a beautiful bouquet of tulips were delivered to our door. Tulips are my favorite flower. These tulips are extra special to me because with the 40+ inches of white stuff on the ground outside, they are a sweet reminder that Spring is coming!

On Sunday morning he told the children and I that he had some sweet surprises for us. After worship he took us out to lunch. We NEVER go out to eat on a Sunday, so this was an extra special treat. We waited 60 minutes for a table, and this picture below shows you how L felt about the long wait.

She eventually cheered up. Playing silly games and taking silly pictures seemed to help everyone endure the wait.

After lunch, Heath took us to one of our favorite local places and the children got to pick out what they call, "Valentine goodies."

This is mine and Heath's 11th Valentine's Day together! Each year together is sweeter than the year before!

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